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“From Damaged to Destined” tells a no-holds-barred story of Karen Hutchins, a beautiful young woman who comes to California from Belize with her family.

When Karen was just 8 years old, her mother died, leaving her father to raise her and her nine siblings. He was a good man and a protective father. Karen was raised in Catholicism, but soon was introduced to the Protestant church. Although she loved the demonstrative and spirited services, she had no idea she was being sucked into a cult.

This book shares her testimony of trauma at the hands of the cult and its leader, and finally, her story of deliverance and walking into her place of purpose.

Today, she and her husband, Bishop Norman E. Hutchins, are co-founders of Frontline Ministries in Dover, Delaware; and she is a mentor to many people around the world. As a pastor, ordained minister and visionary, she is a force in the Kingdom of God.

6x9 Paperback Book

SKU: FDTD-42679
  • 6x9 Paperback book

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