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Dr. Karen Hutchins, a Belizean native, is a mentor whose life is reaching many worldwide.  Dr. Hutchins along with her husband, Bishop Norman E. Hutchins, are Co-Founders of Frontline Ministries in Dover, Delaware.  In 2015, she accepted her God given mandate to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and was ordained Evangelist and appointed Pastor.  Pastor Karen is devoted to the vision of the ministry and is actively involved in many aspects of the church, assisting her husband and supporting the community.  She has received many accolades including receiving her Bachelor of Biblical Studies, Doctor of Divinity, and the Senate Certificate of Recognition 2016 Amazing Stars Award.

Pastor Karen is the President of the Daughters of Destiny Women’s Ministry.  Her teachings inspire and challenge women to develop a strong relationship with God and with their families.  She is an anointed, uncompromising teacher of the Word of God.  Pastor Karen Hutchins is known as a woman of great wisdom; her love and compassion for God’s people – of all ages – is prevalent in all she does.

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